Saturday, 12 November 2011

Eating at Home Vocabulary

Useful Vocabulary

knife(knives) fork(s) spoon(s) teaspoon(s)
knife (knives) fork(s) spoon(s) teaspoon(s)

        plate(s) bowl(s) cup(s) saucer(s)        
        plate(s) bowl(s) cup(s) saucer(s)        

        table(s) chair(s)            
        table chair            

        glass(es) tablecloth(s) tablemat(s) / placemat(s) napkin(s) / serviette(s)        
        glass(es) tablecloth(s) placemat(s) serviette(s)        

Naturally Speaking

Sometimes there are things you like or don't like or even things you don't eat.
I eat I like
I don't eat I don't like
Things you do eat / like.
Things you don't eat / like.
I like fruit. I don't like fruit.
I love spinach. I hate spinach.
I'm a vegetarian, I only eat fruit and vegetables. I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat or fish.
I have allergies, but I can eat fruit. I have allergies, so I can't eat anything containing nuts.
I eat fish on Friday, for religious reasons. I don't eat pork, for religious reasons.

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